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Natural Stone Fencing

Stone fences are practically immune to even the most disastrous forces of nature. Rain, wind, sleet, snow and summer heat will have little to no effect on a stone fence. They don’t rot. Insects like termites, ants and other creepy crawlies don’t disturb the sanctity of the structure of a stone fence. If you have a fire, it may discolor the stone fence, but it won’t destroy it.


Some advantages of fencing a house include:

1)  Security: Fencing a house can provide a physical barrier that can help keep the occupants, their property, and valuables secure.


2)  Privacy: Fencing a house can provide privacy and a sense of seclusion, creating a private outdoor living space.


3)  Boundary definition: Fencing a house can help to clearly define the property lines, providing a clear visual cue of where the home's boundaries are located.


4)  Aesthetics: Fencing can enhance the appearance of a home, adding to its overall aesthetic value and boosting its curb appeal.


5)  Noise reduction: A fence can help reduce noise pollution by blocking out noise from the surrounding environment.


6)  Climate control: A fence can also provide shade and wind protection, helping to regulate the climate in a home's outdoor spaces.

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Products and Services

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