Stone Paving Services in Kottayam

Stone paving has a variety of uses, including:

1) Landscaping: Stone paving is used for paths, patios, and driveways in residential and commercial landscaping, providing a durable and attractive surface.

2) Architecture: Stone paving is used for flooring and cladding in building construction, adding visual interest and durability to the exterior and interior of structures.

3) Pool areas: Stone paving is a popular choice for pool decks, providing a non-slip and durable surface for people to walk on.

4) Walkways: Stone paving is used for walkways in parks, gardens, and pedestrian areas, providing a durable and attractive surface for foot traffic.

5) Streets and roads: Stone paving is used for streets and roads, providing a durable and low-maintenance surface for vehicular traffic.

6) Historic sites: Stone paving is used to restore historic sites and structures, providing a period-correct and durable surface.


7) Hardscaping: Stone paving is used for hardscaping projects, such as retaining walls and steps, adding visual interest and stability to landscaping projects.

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