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Pebble Paving installed in any color, including labor and materials, costs less than pavers, concrete, tile or flagstone installed by licensed contractors. Often MUCH less. Minimums apply.

99% of our installations are completed in one day, ready for use the very next day. There is no week-long 'prep', no mess, no jackhammering out of the old product, no multi-day 'cure' time, no long-lasting delays which define other surface treatments...and other companies! Remember- long cure times can spell disaster from weather, animals, accidents or a combination of all three.


Paving stones will never crack, flake, or chip. Additionally, they’re able to withstand hot and cold climates, never expanding or contracting. This particular option is great because of how easy they are to maintain. They’re built to last, meaning they won’t absorb grime, and won’t change


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Products and Services

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